Hampton Lake Series

Suddenly Dating (A Lake Haven Novel Book 2)

Suddenly Dating (A Lake Haven Novel Book 2)ASIN: B01C6TGF7Y /
  • ASIN: B01C6TGF7Y
  • Blue Moon Bay (The Shores of Moses Lake Book #2)

    Blue Moon Bay (The Shores of Moses Lake Book #2)ASIN: B006G2YPRU /
  • ASIN: B006G2YPRU
  • Mr. Monk and the Candidate

    Mr. Monk and the CandidateASIN: B000VAYEC4 /
  • ASIN: B000VAYEC4
  • Suddenly Engaged (A Lake Haven Novel Book 3)

    Suddenly Engaged (A Lake Haven Novel Book 3)ASIN: B01N03MEFJ /
  • ASIN: B01N03MEFJ
  • Suddenly in Love (A Lake Haven Novel Book 1)

    Suddenly in Love (A Lake Haven Novel Book 1)ASIN: B0142BVMCW /
  • ASIN: B0142BVMCW
  • Worth The Flight (Worth Series Book 7): A Copper Country Romance

    Worth The Flight (Worth Series Book 7): A Copper Country RomanceASIN: B07696JZ6W /
  • ASIN: B07696JZ6W
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    The Complete Idiot

    The Complete Idiot's Guide to Statistics, 2nd EditionASIN: 1592576346 /
  • Brand: Brand: Alpha
  • ASIN: 1592576346
  • NEW HAMPSHIRE - FLAG - State Series - Natural Canvas Tote Bag with Gusset

    NEW HAMPSHIRE - FLAG - State Series - Natural Canvas Tote Bag with GussetASIN: B00FYXRZL0 /
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  • Now That I

    Now That I've Found You (New York Sullivans 1) (The Sullivans Book 15)ASIN: B01B0Q5QSS /
  • ASIN: B01B0Q5QSS
  • No Man

    No Man's Land (John Puller Series)ASIN: 1455586501 /
  • ASIN: 1455586501
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    It's Hot in the HamptonsCategory: Hampton Lake Series9780062867377

    Hampton Bay Lake Point 4-Light Chrome and Clear Crystal Chandelier

    Hampton Bay Lake Point 4-Light Chrome and Clear Crystal ChandelierCategory: Hampton Lake SeriesBrand New In Box Hampton Bay Lake Point 4 Light Chandeleir

    The One For Me: Twin Lakes Series Book 2 - eBook

    The One For Me: Twin Lakes Series Book 2 - eBookCategory: Hampton Lake SeriesAaron Montgomery, a handsome architect with his own construction company, has found success in everything he has done that is except for his love life. After being abruptly dumped by his long time girlfriend he puts all his attention into his business and spending time with his friends Adam and Evelyn Farnsworth.Noel Straten was once a sweet, happy thirty-two year old. Being funny and beautiful she never lacked for a date. Her friends thought of her as warm and caring. However, after a dark and horrifying experience she has changed. She has become angry and distant, especially with men. Rarely dating, she enjoys finding fault with every man that she meets.Just knowing that her two friends will be perfect together, Evelyn introduces Noel to Aaron. However, to her dismay neither of her friends have a good first impression of each other. Evelyn and Adam, watch as their two friends continually argue and find fault with one another at every meeting.Aaron soon finds that although Noel despises him, and against his better judgment, his feelings for her are growing. He knows that there is more to her than meets the eye. Determined to break down her carefully crafted wall, Aaron is continuously confused and excited by Noel’s hot and cold behavior and Noel finds it is getting more difficult to keep up her wall of safety.

    My Favorite Second Chance (The Lake Effect Series, Book 2) - eBook

    My Favorite Second Chance (The Lake Effect Series, Book 2) - eBookCategory: Hampton Lake Series2015 IPPY AWARD WINNER!Have you ever wished for a second chance?The Hutchinson sisters are out of the frying pan and into the fire—just like their mother always threatened!Gwenn is floating in the dreamy, fragile glow of her new relationship with wealthy artist, Daniel Gregory, when a blast from her past makes a triumphant return. Sure, this is the same man who ran out on her over a decade ago, but can she turn her back on a war hero?Rachel is on the brink of having everything she ever dreamed of, but that’s not how things work out for Hutchinson girls. Her rock-star girlfriend is leaving for a lengthy tour and something is afoot at the bakery. The righteous hand of her mother, Shirley, can orchestrate tribulations from halfway across town.The sisters think they can run away from their troubles on a quick trip to the heart of Mexico, when an unexpected phone call shatters that illusion.Filled with intriguing characters, plenty of steamy romance, and fun plot twists—MY FAVORITE SECOND CHANCE will have you flushed with anticipation, blinking back tears, laughing out loud and cheering for your favorite characters.

    Just My Friend? Twin Lakes Series Book 1 - eBook

    Just My Friend? Twin Lakes Series Book 1 - eBookCategory: Hampton Lake SeriesAfter a bitter divorce Evelyn Fleming moves back to her home town of Twin Lakes to start over. She quickly finds satisfaction in her new career and excitement in the arms of Markus Lockwood, the town’s rich and handsome playboy.Adam, an old friend of Evelyns, who is recovering from a terrible accident, sees Evelyn again and is reminded of how much he cares for her. Just when he feels that he is at a point that he can pursue her, he finds that Evelyn is not only dating someone else but she’s dating Markus Lockwood—his ex-fiancé’s player-brother.A love triangle develops as Adam tries to win over Evelyn without pushing her away. Hilarious and sometimes hazardous confrontations ensue as Adam and Markus’ paths continually cross with Evelyn caught, uncomfortably, in the middle.Evelyn soon finds that her feelings for Adam are gradually changing into something more than friendship. However, with Markus still in the picture, Adam finds comfort in the arms of other women—only causing more problems and miscommunication. Can these two somehow find their way together before they drive each other apart?

    Finally My Favorite (The Lake Effect Series, Book 3) - eBook

    Finally My Favorite (The Lake Effect Series, Book 3) - eBookCategory: Hampton Lake Series2016 IPPY AWARD WINNER!Two sisters whose emotional journey began in IT’S NOT MY FAVORITE and continued in MY FAVORITE SECOND CHANCE are facing their biggest challenge. They are about to uncover a truth that will change their lives—forever.Gwenn Hutchinson has waited years for a second chance. Her first love, Steven, has inexplicably returned, yet he is more focused on a forced happy ending than their actual relationship. She struggles with acceptance when she realizes her younger sister will be happily married before she ever sorts out her feelings for Steven or the new man in her life, Daniel. Gwenn must confront long hidden truths and decide what she’s willing to sacrifice—even though it could cost her everything.Newly engaged to Annie, her rock-star girlfriend, Rachel Hutchinson is blissfully in love. But with Annie on tour while she’s stuck in Duluth, their long-distance romance is becoming difficult to maintain. To complicate matters, Rachel’s unpredictable mother is teetering between life and death.Matriarch Shirley Hutchinson is gravely ill and looking for a miracle. Will the daughters she has persecuted for decades come to her aid or become her downfall?FINALLY MY FAVORITE is a breathtaking and surprising story about love, family, loss and secrets that will rock the Hutchinson sisterhood to its core…Featuring cameos from fan-favorites Todd, Flora, Randy, and Thea, this steamy and sexy story of true love—set against the stunning backdrops of Duluth, San Miguel de Allende, and Greece—is a satisfyingly heartfelt conclusion to Rue’s beloved series that will leave you breathless and teary and laughing—often all at once.

    Lake of Sins Series Box Set Books 1-3 - eBook

    Lake of Sins Series Box Set Books 1-3 - eBookCategory: Hampton Lake SeriesGet your copy of the series that people are calling dark, gritty and too disturbing to put down.Dive into the world of the Lake of Sins. A world filled with human animal hybrids where class determines life and death, imprisonment and freedom.Escape:Trinity has one week to escape into the forest and discover what happens to the teenagers who are not chosen to breed.Secrets In Blood:Trinity has discovered the horrible fate of her kind and is now on the run but she doesn't expect to be hunted by three Almightys.One who wants to return her to her encampment. One who wants to hide the secret in her blood and one who'll stop at nothing to reveal that same secret.Hangman's Army:War is brewing in the world of the Lake of Sins but Trinity and the others must find a leader to bind the classes together.  They need a person who all classes will follow.  They need Hugh, but he's in prison - days away from execution.

    Lake Pan : A New Beginning - Book I in the Lake Pan Series

    Lake Pan : A New Beginning - Book I in the Lake Pan SeriesCategory: Hampton Lake SeriesNow fully grown, the big fish, twelve hundred pounds and thirteen feet long, was homing in on a faint flutter. Something, was in distress near the shore line. The big fish, couldn't tell what it was, or how big it was. To the creature, the struggling vibrations, usually meant food. And, it was hungry. As it moved in closer, the vibrations sent a clearer signal that food was nearby. It could taste fish blood in the water column, as it passed through it. It speeded up. Now, it could see the source of the tantalizing blood and vibrations. The hapless otter, was silhouetted on the water's surface. One mighty surge, of its crescent shaped tail, and it was on the unsuspecting victim. Its teeth lined jaws engulfing all. Then it was gone. As quickly and quietly as it come, sliding back, into the depths of the lake. Only the widening rings on the lake's surface, gave testimony to the horror that was to come.

    The Lake Willowbee Series - eBook

    The Lake Willowbee Series - eBookCategory: Hampton Lake SeriesThe Lake Willowbee Series contains three novellas combined in a box set.Divorce, InterruptedTrapped in a mountain cabin, newly-divorced Todd and Lisa Miller are forced to confront a flood, her infidelity, and a lifetime of memories that still ignite a spark between them.Dare To TrustTrust does not come easy to Evie Grimes who is stalked by her ex-husband. Brady Jackson will do anything to protect Evie, but does she dare trust that he wouldn’t commit murder to do so?Defend My LoveFalsely accused embezzler, Megan Kirby wants her lost years in prison back, to be a wife to Daniel, and a mother to Daisy, a child she doesn’t know. But she won’t be truly free until she proves she was setup.Romance heat level - hot

    The Dragon

    The Dragon's Cradle Series of Poems: Volume III, Skip Across the Lake. - eBookCategory: Hampton Lake SeriesThe Dragons Cradle Series of Poems: Volume III, Skip Across the Lake. Written between 2006 - 2010.

    The Lake House (The Annie Graham crime series, Book 4) - eBook

    The Lake House (The Annie Graham crime series, Book 4) - eBookCategory: Hampton Lake SeriesA serial killer on the loose. A mystery that must be solved before time runs out. Elderly Martha Beckett is a prisoner in her own home, and has been ever since her older brother disappeared at just nine years old. He went to hide in the cellar and never came back. And now Martha has sworn to protect anyone else from the evils lurking just below her floorboards. But whatever it is, has woken up – and is hungry again… When she calls the police for help, Annie Graham is the first to respond. Now Annie Ashworth, she is happily married to fellow police officer Will, with a gorgeous home and a job she loves. But then she hears the news – serial killer Henry Smith has escaped from his mental hospital and is on the run. So when a severed head lands at her colleague Jake’s feet – they can only assume that Henry is back to his old tricks. Last time he nearly killed Annie, and this time she’ll bet he wants to finish the job. So Annie now has two monsters to track down, before they kill again. And time is running out… A haunting crime thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat Look out for more in the Annie Graham series: 1. The Ghost House 2. The Secrets of the Shadows 3. The Forgotten Cottage 4. The Lake House 5. The Girls in the Woods What readers are saying about the Annie Graham series 'an atmospheric, spooky read, ideal for the season.' – I Heart Reading 'The Ghost House is the most exciting book I have read in a very long time, and would make an absolutely perfect Halloween read! Amazing début from Helen Phifer and I eagerly await more from her!' – Judging Covers ‘It was an atmospheric, spooky read, ideal for the season.’ – I Heart Reading ‘I was really impressed by this book. … I was amazed how the author got inside of the mind of the serial killer and really showed you his psychotic thought processes.’ – Edler Park Book Reviews ‘the twists and turns are fascinating.’ – A J Book Review Club ‘The story constantly kept me on the edge of my seat. The Ghost House is a magnificent read and it's perfect for those who have a strong stomach and nerves of steel!’ – Librarian Lavender

    Before My Favorite: Series Prequel to The Lake Effect Series - eBook

    Before My Favorite: Series Prequel to The Lake Effect Series - eBookCategory: Hampton Lake SeriesGwenn wants out of the family. Rachel wants out of the closet.The Hutchinson sisters are a product of their environment. Unfortunately that environment is short on love and long on religious guilt.Gwenn wants freedom, adventure, and a chance to experience life outside her parents’ strict control.Rachel’s under-the-radar childhood comes to a screeching halt when she encounters feelings she can’t explain—and can never reveal.Their parents live inside the façade of God. The sisters need to find a crack in the mask. There’s only one way out . . .Buy yours today! Take a peek behind the altar.Interview with the AuthorQ - So, what makes The Lake Effect series special?A - It's actually a mix of things. When I chose to write these books, I wanted to create a diverse story that reminded me of the kind of books I like to read. My top picks are usually romantic comedy novels, any of the thousands of humor and entertainment best sellers, and, of course, books featuring serious topics with a dash of humor. Basically, anything with a comedic attitude and a fast-paced style gets my click.The Lake Effect Series books are a great mix of these genres. You'll find the series focuses on the humor and entertainment / romantic comedy genre overall, with a pinch of women's fiction thrown in for good measure, a strong lesbian fiction story line, and a humorous take on parenting and families to keep things interesting!Overall, The Lake Effect series is designed with short, punchy chapters to keep you turning the pages - and I've made sure you'll want to know what happens next.Q - What order should I read the books in?A - If you want to read them in order and follow the sisters' story as it builds, I'd suggest the following sequence:- Before My Favorite (Series Prequel) [Some people like to read this AFTER Book 1]- It's Not My Favorite- My Favorite Second Chance- Finally My FavoriteQ - So, why should readers give these books a try?A - Because The Lake Effect series is an irreverent, humorous series that features two fantastic female leads! Book one hit the top ten bestsellers list on Kindle for Humor & Entertainment >Humor >Parenting & Families, and My Favorite Second Chance and Finally My Favorite - both won IPPY Awards for fiction.At the end of the day, readers who enjoy fast-paced romantic comedy with a plot that features two sisters and a rich cast of supporting characters will get a kick out of this seriesQ - Can readers get the whole series in one bundle?A - Of course. I put together a bundle for readers who would like to read the entire series and save a little cash, too. Check out my author page here at Amazon for more details, and a full list of my available titles.And thank you for reading!The Lake Effect Series eBook Categories:- Romantic Comedy- Humor in Parenting and Families- Romantic Comedy Series- Humor and Entertainment Novels- Lesbian Fiction- Literature and Fiction- Women's Fiction Humor

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