Phoenix Series

Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack Book 1)

Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack Book 1)ASIN: B008QYT6FC /
  • ASIN: B008QYT6FC
  • Wicked Cravings (The Phoenix Pack Book 2)

    Wicked Cravings (The Phoenix Pack Book 2)ASIN: B009XDDVMO /
  • Rise of a Phoenix (The Nix Series Book 3)

    Rise of a Phoenix (The Nix Series Book 3)ASIN: B076JLBR6C /
  • ASIN: B076JLBR6C
  • Carnal Secrets (The Phoenix Pack Book 3)

    Carnal Secrets (The Phoenix Pack Book 3)ASIN: B00E8PUYEU /
  • Wild Hunger (The Phoenix Pack Book 7)

    Wild Hunger (The Phoenix Pack Book 7)ASIN: B0792X8BD4 /
  • ASIN: B0792X8BD4
  • Phoebe: A

    Phoebe: A 'Not-Quite' Phoenix Love Story (The 'Not-Quite' Love Story Series Book 2)ASIN: B01842Z70S /
  • ASIN: B01842Z70S
  • Savage Urges (The Phoenix Pack Book 5)

    Savage Urges (The Phoenix Pack Book 5)ASIN: B018IAZMY2 /
  • ASIN: B018IAZMY2
  • Fierce Obsessions (The Phoenix Pack Book 6)

    Fierce Obsessions (The Phoenix Pack Book 6)ASIN: B01MXUSM1E /
  • Dark Instincts (The Phoenix Pack Book 4)

    Dark Instincts (The Phoenix Pack Book 4)ASIN: B00ORBNF0A /
  • Jax: A

    Jax: A 'Not-Quite' Puma Love Story (The 'Not-Quite' Love Story Series Book 4)ASIN: B01BTHS8CO /
  • Echoes of Fire (Mercury Pack Book 4)

    Echoes of Fire (Mercury Pack Book 4)ASIN: B07DHLCBP9 /
  • No Shame: The Complete Series

    No Shame: The Complete SeriesASIN: B07Q4BQWP9 /
  • ASIN: B07Q4BQWP9
  • Marvel 6 Inch Legends Series Marvel’s Phoenix

    Marvel 6 Inch Legends Series Marvel’s PhoenixCategory: Phoenix SeriesAn expert of psionic force, Jean Grey uses her powers of telepathy and telekinesis as the mind-controlling hero, Phoenix. With the Marvel Legends Series, both kid and adult Marvel fans can start a legendary collection of comic- and movie-based Marvel characters. This 6-inch Marvel’s Phoenix figure is highly articulated and features a comic-inspired design, making it another epic addition to the Marvel Legends Series. Copyright 2015 Marvel. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

    Pacific Rim Series 1 Bracer Phoenix Action Figure [Blister Card Packaging]

    Pacific Rim Series 1 Bracer Phoenix Action Figure [Blister Card Packaging]Category: Phoenix SeriesIt's time to return to Pacific Rim! With a sequel to the fan-favorite mechs-vs.-monsters movie headed to theaters in early 2018, DST is preparing for the apocalypse with a line of action figures depicting the film's all-new Jaeger robots! Approximately 7-inch figure with a full range of articulation and packaged on a blister card. Don't let the kaiju onslaught take you by surprise! Sculpted by BigShot ToyWorks! A Diamond Select Toys release!

    Harry Potter: Order Of The Phoenix Series 2 Harry Potter Action Figure

    Harry Potter: Order Of The Phoenix Series 2 Harry Potter Action FigureCategory: Phoenix SeriesDue to the fragile nature of NECA Collectibles we cannot accept returns on opened product. We inspect each figure before sending it out, but figures can be damaged in transit. Please make sure to inspect your figure for damages BEFORE opening it.

    The Phoenix Rises Complete Series - eBook

    The Phoenix Rises Complete Series - eBookCategory: Phoenix SeriesThis e-book box set brings together three books detailing the full story of two generations of love, lust, libraries, and letters as a reference librarian, and later the writer daughter from her own rocky relationship embark on their adventures to finding happy ever after for now. THE PHOENIX RISES features Dawn, a middle age reference librarian, gets lessons in love and life when the library takes on its first intern, a young man named Stern. However, her spontaneous choices are not without consequences. THE PHOENIX SOARS AND OTHER STORIES collects short stories that show viewpoints during the course of their relationship and how friends and family are affected. THE PHOENIX BURNS focuses on daughter Cassandra "Phoenix" Rayner, who not long after her 18th birthday is left to take care of her ailing mother and younger siblings, and turns to completing her father's half-finished novel - a spontaneous choice that changes her future.

    Phoenix Rising (Book 5 The Kindred Series) - eBook

    Phoenix Rising (Book 5 The Kindred Series) - eBookCategory: Phoenix SeriesReeling from the aftermath of Cassie's death, they find themselves trying to survive in a tumultuous world filled with more enemies than friends. Struggling through the rage consuming him, Devon must come to terms with the fact that the woman he loved has died. He has little time to deal with his grief though as The Elders want them dead, the Halflings are still running free, and the missing children have become the focal point of concern.On a mission to rescue the children, they set out on a journey from New York to Canada; a journey that will forever alter the course of their lives.The final installment of The Kindred Series.Recommended Reading Order:Kindred (Book 1)Ashes (Book 2)Kindled (Book 3)Inferno (Book 4)Phoenix Rising (Book 5)If you enjoy the Kindred Series, you may also enjoy the spinoff Fire and Ice Series which is now complete.Recommended Reading Order:Frost Burn (Book 1)Arctic Fire (Book 2)Scorched Ice (Book 3)The Kindred Series is a young adult fictional story that includes some language, violence, and mild sexual situations. Recommended for ages fifteen and up.Cover art by Cover art by EbookLaunch

    Viktoria (The Rising Phoenix Series, #1) - eBook

    Viktoria (The Rising Phoenix Series, #1) - eBookCategory: Phoenix SeriesWhen Viktoria is invited along with her friends to travel to Ireland, to join a Secret Society, the life-changing events that follow are more than what she had bargained for.Follow her as she is confronted to the mysterious world of the Paranormal, and struggles to decipher the true nature of Love and Friendship.

    Phoenix: Book One of The Peradon Fantasy Series - eBook

    Phoenix: Book One of The Peradon Fantasy Series - eBookCategory: Phoenix SeriesNo power is greater than the one you’re willing to sacrifice.Princess Violetta Flame lives her life according to rule, but those rules require her to pay a heavy price. Haunted by a devastating loss, she longs for freedom. When a handsome ruler takes a special interest in her, she senses greater things lie ahead, but behind the handsome façade lies a dark secret – one that can usurp her efforts and cast her back into the life she detested.The throne was never promised to Emperor Ryore Frost, but now that he has ultimate power, his world is filled with possibilities. Citizens bow at his feet, but their fleeting adoration is no match for his obsession with the young Flame Princess. As his feelings for the staunchly independent princess grow, a new threat emerges, bent on undermining his efforts and betraying his sensibilities.When past tragedies, malevolent behaviour, and strong wills collide, which will reign supreme?

    The Phoenix Project Series, Books 1-3: The Phoenix Project, The Reformation, and Revelation - eBook

    The Phoenix Project Series, Books 1-3: The Phoenix Project, The Reformation, and Revelation - eBookCategory: Phoenix SeriesThe apocalypse has begun and it’s not by way of virus or world war. It’s by those whom society would least expect. A group of elite scientists have designed a new world, and they have a plan for everyone. Books included:The Phoenix ProjectThe ReformationRevelation(Three complete novels at 284,000 words)

    The Phoenix Codes: Part II, the Phoenix Series

    The Phoenix Codes: Part II, the Phoenix SeriesCategory: Phoenix SeriesThe Phoenix Codes: Part II, the Phoenix Series

    That Morning After from the Phoenix Series - eBook

    That Morning After from the Phoenix Series - eBookCategory: Phoenix SeriesLife was not always kind to Nicky. Raised by a cold mother and a mostly-absent father, she escaped into an abusive marriage from which freedom was not an option. When Fate twists her lifes thread again and leaves her without even the marginal protection of married life, she must make it on her own for the first time. An online dating service promises to ease her loneliness, but Nicky gets something she was never expecting ... now she must decide if shes brave enough to give Fate the one-two punch shed been handed all her life.

    TeenyMates NHL Series 1 Phoenix Coyotes Mini Figure

    TeenyMates NHL Series 1 Phoenix Coyotes Mini FigureCategory: Phoenix SeriesIt's game time for NHL TeenyMates, the smallest players on the ice! Each pack includes: 2 collectible NHL figures. Collect all 30 teams! 2 puzzle pieces. Collect all 35 pieces to create a Double-Sided Puzzle with an NHL hockey rink on one side and collector mini-poster on the other side! 1 full-color collector sheetPLUS collect all 4 rare figures: Glow-In-The Dark, Hartford Whalers Vintage Hockey, Quebec Nordiqus Vintage Hockey and Metallic Gold Finish!

    The Phoenix Series Boxset 1 - eBook

    The Phoenix Series Boxset 1 - eBookCategory: Phoenix SeriesThree full-length urban fantasy adventures with a kick-ass female protagonist at the center.Torn From Stone - Book OneWhat if the most important part of you was locked away, encased in stone, and only you could set it free?After a lackluster birthday party, Phoenix finds a strange creature hiding under her sink. Doing what any sensible person would do, she pokes it. And when that little guy wakes up, he rocks her world.You see, Phoenix isn’t human, the little guy under her sink just told her so. She is actually a Traveller, once a beautiful humanoid who moved through time on multi-colored wings that filled the sky. So why is she here, sitting on the floor of her tiny apartment with a strange creature named Sid? Where are her wings? And why doesn’t she remember any of this?Following Sid into time itself, Phoenix embarks on a wild adventure. If the Sirens don’t kill her, meeting a talking Yeti might. And ancient Egypt is amazing when it isn’t so ancient, although she could do without all the snake-men chasing her. But don’t worry, when the stuff really hits the fan, Phoenix isn’t afraid to swing her baseball at whatever is in her way. And through all this, the most terrifying man in her home world, a silver-skinned warrior named the Archer, is hunting her down.They say you can’t get blood from a stone, but maybe you can get wings? Either way, Phoenix sure as hell is going to try.Bounty Of Ash - Book TwoSo you’ve traveled through time, reclaimed your wings and generally kicked butt along the way. Now you can relax, right? Not so fast.One minute Phoenix is lounging around her apartment, her wings magically tucked away, the next there’s a yeti in her kitchen trying to drag her back to the Void.And why, you ask? Well, there’s a bounty on Phoenix’s head and the prize is a share of her power; an offer so enticing the entire Void is hunting her down.Narrowly escaping the yeti, Phoenix starts running. Her home in the forest is still safe, even if her apartment in the human world no longer is, but she can’t do this alone. If she’s going to end this bounty she’ll need help from the most dangerous man in the Void. A creature who strikes fear into the hearts of yetis, minions and everyone in between: The Archer.If Phoenix thought things were going to calm down after she found her wings, she was sorely mistaken.When every creature in the Void is hot on your tail, what do you do? Well, first you go to your brother’s birthday party, then you kick some ass.Mend The Flesh - Book ThreeWhen you wake up in a strange place with the flesh literally stripped from your bones, what do you do?When last we saw Phoenix she had just finished exploding. Seriously, she exploded in a blast so big it sent minions and evil warriors running. Now she’s a vulnerable collection of tendon and bone, living in the home of the only other member of her species, a reclusive curmudgeon named Royal.When her old friend Sid turns up on the doorstep, Phoenix is catapulted into a minion showdown that only a meeting with the Guard can resolve. Gathering her allies from all corners of the Void, Phoenix attempts to heal her broken body and save as many minions as she can.When a big tough Traveller has to rely on a pair of gargoyles to cut her out of her pants, you know things are bad.In this darkest installment of the Phoenix Series, we see another side of our heroine; the inside.If you like the Dresden Files, Anita Blake – before the erotica**,** and anything by Patricia Briggs, then pick up the Phoenix Series today!

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    "THE PHOENIX" Pilot from 1981

    Phoenix Series

    "THE PHOENIX" Pilot from 1981 Episode 0 in the short lived sci-fi series that aired on ABC in 1982. This is the only copy of the pilot I could find anywhere. The video quality is poor, but it was nice to be able to see this again.

    Tags: The Phoenix Tv series,Sci-fi

    The Phoenix- TV Movie Pilot-HQ (new tape transfer) starring Judson Scott

    Phoenix Series

    Copyright disclaimer: I do NOT own the rights to this movie. All rights belong to it's rightful owner/owner's. No copyright infringement intended. For fan viewing only. An ancient extraterrestrial named Bennu of the Golden Light is discovered in a sarcophagus in Peru and awakened in the 20th Century. Bennu is an alien who possesses special abilities including physical levitation, telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, astral projection and telekinesis. Some of these are made possible or a...

    Tags: phoenix,judson,scott,eg,e g,marshall,aliens,eri...